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Born: December 1, 2023
. Introducing Preston: an AKC 78% European Basset Hound, born December 1, 2023 at 6:13 am! This spunky male pup has a lively lemon and white 115 markings, standing out from the crowd with his unique markings – perfect for a potential adopter seeking something special! He inherited his loud personality and good-natured sociability from his parents – Lacie Mae and Sir Simon Luke. His care and upbringing here at Halstead Hounds has prepared him for life in a loving household, having been taught the ropes by dedicated and caring family breeders with generations of knowledge passed down. His lovely eyes beg for adventure and attention, looking to curl up beside you on the couch as he offers wet nosed kisses or soft snuggles. His independent nature makes sure to keep you on your toes though, often finding himself off following scents and sounds – but reward comes in silly, stubborn, and highly lovable moments which will be sure to add lasting memories to your family.
Status: Active

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Check-up Date: January 6, 2024


Sir Simon
Sir Simon Luke

AKC Number: HP58362303


Lacie Mae

AKC Number: HP61146406