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Born: December 1, 2023
. Meet Preston, the adorable and lovingly AKC 78% European Basset Hound puppy from Halstead Hounds, a family home breeder known for its exceptional care and devotion to its puppies. Born on December 1st, 2023 at 6:20 am, Preston is a male lemon & white 115 colored pup with a remarkable lineage stemming from his Dame, Stella Marie, and Sire, Theo Reign. Although Preston tends to be independent out of instinct, he is also exceedingly sociable and good-natured, making him an ideal pet for families looking for a trustworthy friend. Preston also has strong hunting instincts, which can lead him astray if not attended to closely. Despite being difficult to housebreak, Preston offers heaps of loyalty and love that makes taking care of him worth the challenge. He is gentle with children and enjoys being around his human family, particularly when it comes to offering comfort in difficult times. Moreover, through regular exercise and socialization, Preston will make a loyal canine companion who is sure to brighten up any household.
Status: Active

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Check-up Date: January 6, 2024


Theo Reign
Theo Reign

AKC Number: HP65848901


Stella Marie
Stella Marie

AKC Number: HP57227603