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Puppy 7 NB
Girl Red - Mistletoe Pup 7
Born: December 18, 2023
Welcome Girl Red – Mistletoe Pup 7 from Halstead Hounds! This sweet and cuddly Basset Hound puppy is the perfect family pet! As a 78% European Basset, she is part of an esteemed lineage that parents and adopters can trust. Her red and white fur is the perfect contrast to her big, brown eyes, and balanced with her short but strong legs, she is sure the catch the eye of everyone she meets. Although she can be stubborn and independent, like the loyal breed she is, she loves spending time with her family and has a special bond with children. Plus, she has strong hunting instincts that can get her into trouble on a walk or when off-leash, so she will need extra training and consistent housebreaking. No matter what, this lovable pup will bring joy and an affectionate companion for any household she joins. You won’t want to miss out on this bundle of fluff!
Status: Adopted

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Girl Red - Mistletoe Pup 7 Records
Girl Red - Mistletoe Pup 7January 28, 2024
January 28, 2024
Development Phase: Weaning
Girl Red - Mistletoe Pup 7January 21, 2024
January 21, 2024
Development Phase: Weaning
Weight: 6.59
Girl Red - Mistletoe Pup 7January 14, 2024
January 14, 2024
Development Phase: Socialization
Weight: 4.99
Mistletoe Weighing
Check-up Date: December 23, 2023
Deworming: Liqui-Vict 2X
Mistletoe week 3
Check-up Date: January 8, 2024
Deworming: Liqui-Vict 2X
Check-up Date: February 5, 2024
Vaccinations: DHAPP booster, Intranasal Bordetella, Pyrantel suspension
Health notes: Pediatric wellness exam and nail trim No significant findings.


Theo Reign
Theo Reign

AKC Number: HP65848901


Daisy Fay

AKC Number: HP62222508