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Born: December 1, 2023


Meet Franklin: a gentle and loving 78% European Basset Hound puppy who was born on December 1, 2023 at 8:41 am with stunning black white and brown markings. He has a playful energy, but also likes to cuddle when it’s nap time. He was born to the beautiful Lacie Mae and Theo Reign and has been given the best start in life possible, thanks to Halstead Hounds’ commitment to carefully nurturing these puppies. His long ears, sad eyes, and heavyset frame make him an adorable yet individual companion, and Halstead Hounds’ devoted staff offer the education and advice adopters need to help him maintain his physical and emotional health. With lots of love, patience, and the right supplemental training, Franklin has all the potential to be a wonderful family pet with an engaging sense of humor and emotional intelligence.

Status: Active

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Check-up Date: January 6, 2024


Theo Reign
Theo Reign

AKC Number: HP65848901


Daisy Fay

AKC Number: HP62222508