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Born: December 1, 2023
. Meet Frank, the 78% European Basset Hound puppy from Halstead Hounds. Born to Daisy Fay and Sir Simon Luke on December 1, 2023, Frank has a distinctive “black, white & brown 031” coloring with unique markings to make him stand out even more. On top of his good looks, he is an intelligent pup with an amiable and affectionate personality that loves to be around his human family, he is also gentle with children. He is also known for his strong hunting instincts which will require consistent training and patience from his owners, as well as regular exercises outside as he was originally bred to run for miles. Despite his independent and stubborn nature, he makes up for it as a highly loyal companion with an endearing sense of humor. Halstead Hounds’ renowned quality of care ensures that Frank is otherwise healthy and will provide a lifetime of unconditional love for you!
Status: Active

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Check-up Date: January 6, 2024


Sir Simon
Sir Simon Luke

AKC Number: HP58362303


Daisy Fay

AKC Number: HP62222508