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Breeding with Integrity and Love

About Us

Nestled in the heart of Halstead, Kansas, Halstead Hounds has carved a niche for itself as a reputable dog breeder. Our journey began in 2020, with an unexpected twist of fate – an accidental pet pregnancy. What could have been a mere incident transformed into a passion, a mission, and a commitment to the world of Basset Hounds.

Our Commitment

At Halstead Hounds, our dogs are not just pets; they are family. From the moment they are born to the day they find their forever homes, we ensure they receive the utmost care, love, and attention. Our primary focus is, and always will be, the health and well-being of our animals. We believe that every dog deserves a life filled with love, and we strive to provide that for each one of our Basset Hounds.

Our Journey

Our story is one of growth, learning, and immense love. With every litter, we gain more knowledge, refine our breeding practices, and strengthen our commitment to producing healthy and happy Basset Hounds. The joy we feel when one of our dogs finds its perfect match in a loving family is indescribable. It’s this joy that drives us, motivates us, and keeps us going.

Connect with Us

If you’re looking to add a loving Basset Hound to your family or simply want to learn more about our journey and practices, we invite you to reach out. We’re always here to share our story, answer questions, and help you find the perfect furry companion.

Halstead Hounds – Where every tail has a happy ending.